Youth Programs


There is something about the relationship between horses and children that is very special. I believe in the power of horses to help raise happy, well -adjusted children and love being a facilitator in that process. I believe in teaching more than just riding lessons and have designed a progressive program that incorporates all aspects of the horse/child experience. I am passionate about the positive impact that horses have on the mental, emotional and physical growth and development of children.

My degree in Animal Science, my competitive showing and training career, and my experiences as a coach and family person give me a unique skill- set for working with children of all ages. I have had marked success taking kids to the showpen, but the focus of this program is more developmental in nature. In my journey I have made some connections in the Equine Assisted Therapy world and see a real opportunity to use some accepted therapy techniques proactively with children in combination with traditional horsemanship lessons. There are so many fantastic things horses can teach us that are metaphors for life. Why wait for a child to become damaged to give them these tools? Couldn't we give them experiences and lessons before they need them?  My hope with this program is to help, through horses, to enrich the lives of more children. I look forward to being a part of your child’s journey! ~ Allison


  • HORSEMANSHIP - Your child will safely learn equine husbandry, horse behavior and riding skills. 
  • CONFIDENCE BUILDING - Horses provide children the opportunity to learn what they are capable of accomplishing. 
  • PROBLEM SOLVING - Difficulties abound in working with horses. Your child will learn to plan ahead as well as find solutions when presented with an obstacle. 
  • RELATIONSHIP/SOCIAL SKILLS - The relationship between the horse and child builds leadership, communication, and partnership skills.

Lesson programs are designed for ALL LEVELS and ALL AGES. We focus on growth and development of the students and horses in a safe and supportive environment.



 GROUP LESSONS (must come as group)

  • Once a week
  • 45 minutes of instruction
  • $35 per child
  • $30 if mulitple children or pre-purchase of 10 lessons.


  • By appointment
  • 45 minutes of instruction
  • $60 per child
  • $50 if multiple children or pre-purchase of 10 lessons.



  • Children will need to have helmets, boots, long pants, and be dressed appropriately for the weather. If you have any questions or need help getting equipment, arrangements can be made.
  • Lessons will begin at quarter past the hour, but students are encouraged to arrive 15 minutes prior for preparation for the day's lesson to ensure 45 minutes of hands on instruction.
  • Parents are welcome to stay and observe, but are kindly asked not to assist. 
  • Horseback riding is considered a hazardous activity. Safety of the students and horses always comes first.

To enroll your child, schedule a lesson, or for more information email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

"I've been riding horses with Allison since I was 12 years old. I bought a 3 year old horse from her, Napoleon, and she was with me almost every time I rode him until I was showing him one handed. Learning to ride horses with Allison took me places I never thought I could go. Not only does she invest her full attention to you when she works with you but she genuinely cares about your progress. Allison is right by your side, every step of the way, through your struggles and your successes. She has a unique training method that builds talent in you, boosts your confidence, and gives you a full understanding of what you're working on. Allison is not only my horse trainer but one of my closest friends. She is one of the most passionate and intelligent people I've met. Riding with Allison was the best decision I ever made, the confidence and patience she taught me transferred to so many other aspects of my life and helped me become a more successful person. My years spent with Allison were never wasted and now being at college 400 miles away I find myself wishing I could go spend my afternoons and weekends riding horses with her." ~ Rachel Swanson, 18

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